Thank goodness for the new triage system

Following a recent visit with you at the health centre, I am writing to offer a little feedback.

Thank goodness for the new triage system that meant I was able to make an urgent appointment and see you, all within less than an hour, last week. The efficiency of the system, not to mention the excellent consultation with you, and your decision to send me immediately to hospital, got me the urgent care I needed.

The reason for the note is that, in my experience, trying to make an appointment before the triage system was in place, no matter how urgent, was a painful, painful exercise, usually impossible to achieve. I am not sure what would have happened to me last Friday if the surgery had still been working to old methods.

Before the new system, on the various occasions I called to arrange to see a doctor, I wasn’t just met with – honestly – utter fury, but barriers, every which way – mostly, I was angrily told to call back but when I did, I was just told to call back again. If I were very lucky I’d offered an appointment days, or weeks away. I usually abandoned any attempt to see a GP. One particular occasion springs to mind: I remember, literally, begging to come in to discuss (and discover) test results for an ear infection following the doctor’s advice to do so. It was all made to seem so difficult, just to book in for a non-urgent appointment, that I had to hang up. I still don’t know those test results.

And so, you can imagine, it’s such a relief to know that everyone has access to a doctor again. I think the new system will please patients who are bound to have had experiences similar to mine. But most crucially, this all allows urgent cases to be given priority while non-urgent receive reassurance over the phone. It absolutely works.

Thank you again for your care and expertise.